Biologist, Conservationist, & Portlander. My passion lives in Africa.

About Me

Me, about to go zip lining in Guatemala.
I am a hard working individual with a fiery passion to make this world better in every way. Whether it's educational programs in Africa, protecting endangered species big and small, or stopping coal exports right here in Oregon, I enjoy brainstorming the best ways to reach the most people.  Success for me would be to have a career where I can serve as a liaison between the scientific community and conservation advocates so together we can plan for successful outreach programs.

I graduated from NCSU in 2012, moved to the other side of the country, and have been volunteering and working for multiple conservation groups since. I'm often torn between spending my time protecting what I love and enjoying it, and what better place to do both than in Portland, OR. I'm sure my life will soon take me far away (hopefully one day back to Africa), but for now I am grateful to be surrounded by people who care and wild places to explore.