Biologist, Conservationist, & Portlander. My passion lives in Africa.


Below you'll find some videos I've put together for various reasons. They're simple, but I've slowly progressed with my experimentation and learning of new software. I'm still proud of them, anyway. And they were a lot of fun to make! If you ever have a project you are passionate about that you'd like me to make some sort of montage for, let me know!

This is the first one I did two years ago for a contest to win a grant to go back to Africa through Travelocity. Sadly, I wasn't selected for the grant, but I was a finalist!

Song: Daylight by Matt & Kim

This next one was just for fun. My sister and I did a road trip from Richmond, Va to San Francisco, CA. Needless to say, it was quite an adventure. I wanted to remember it in a similar way as "Where the Hell is Matt?"

Song: Truck by The Octopus Project

The third and fourth videos are my most recent, and they were made as a tribute to my beautiful late mother and for my sister's website Still Easier Than Chemo. I miss you and love you, Mom.

Much to my surprise, before even having many views on YouTube, this first one was picked up by USA Today and other news sources around the nation!

Song: We Bought a Zoo by Jonsi

And this was the sum up of one heck of a year. Congratulations to my sister Bre, for everything she accomplished, and thank you to all of our family's supporters!

Song: Outro by M83

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  1. You and your family are an inspiration! Keep taking those steps forward! One foot at a time...