Biologist, Conservationist, & Portlander. My passion lives in Africa.


Please feel free to contact me to chat about current events, job inquiries, or just to grab a coffee around the Portland area! I would love to connect with you.

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  1. Hi Tara. I have tried to contact you on Twitter and FB, now will try this. I live in NC and saw your column in the News and Observer a few weeks ago. I am very interested in your petition to separate Asian and African elephants into two species and to get them both relisted as Appendix I. This is so timely right now, as the trade of the 24 baby Zimbabwe elephants to China last weekend was only allowed because elephants are listed as Appendix II. Has your petition already been submitted to USFWS? I don't know if I ever saw or signed it. I know many elephant advocates who would want to sign and share it. Hope you will let me know. Thanks!