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Friday, January 18, 2013

WCS announces an increase in tiger numbers.

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In light of some recent news posted by the Wildlife Conservation Society, I decided to make my next YouTube video about tigers. With as many people that love them, there are some surprising misconceptions about them, and I am hoping to provide some information on their conservation that may not be as mainstream for people who aren't in the science field. 

When I attended The Wildlife Society's conference back in October, I attended a very interesting lecture on tiger conservation that I had almost forgotten about until WCS made their announcement. The research done by Neil Carter from Michigan State University, and the work being done by WCS in India are very different, but both are positive outlooks for the continued existence of this magnificent big cat. In India, WCS is working to preserve tiger habitat and have as much non-human space for them as possible, and it's actually working! Some villages have voluntarily relocated away from tiger habitats, India has created more reserves and wildlife corridors, and the government is cracking down on poaching. But Carter's research in Nepal shows that humans and tigers may be able to exist together after all, which certainly gives us hope as Asia's population continues to grow. In my video, I'll explain the different efforts going into protecting the tiger, and why Carter's study area supports both a high human density and tiger population.


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