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Langerhans Lab

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Research Assistant

Experience Gained: Geometric Morphometric Programs (tpsUtil, tpsDig), Life-History Trait Comparisons, Small Fish Photography, Database Management

Catching evolution in the act
  • Contributed to the on-going study of human induced rapid evolution of Gambusia hubbsi in the tidal creeks of the Bahamas by processing thousands of specimens into our database by photographing, weighing, clipping fins for molecular work, and x-raying.
  • Used geometric morphometric programs such as tpsUtil and tpsDig to study morphology.
  • Conducted comparisons of life-history traits in Gambusia hubbsi across multiple matrices.
  • Assisted with the study of ecological speciation in Gambusia from Bahamas blue holes, specifically by examining diets and digestive morphology by dissecting, identifying prey organisms, photographing, and measuring the intestines and stomachs of the fish.
  • Helped with small projects in the field by catching fish in streams to photograph.

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